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Become an Oxygen Advantage® Instructor

Are you a coach, athlete or physical trainer who would like to become an Oxygen Advantage® Instructor?

Do you want to be able to provide individual and group training of the Oxygen Advantage® programme to recreational and non- professional athletes?

Benefits of becoming an Instructor

  • Direct tuition in the complete Oxygen Advantage® programme by Patrick McKeown allowing you to instruct recreational athletes and non professional athletes.
  • Use of the Oxygen Advantage® marketing materials and logo
  • Listing on www.OxygenAdvantage.com website
  • Enjoy trademark status for the word “Oxygen Advantage®” in Europe, North America and Australia when teaching the Oxygen Advantage® programme.
  • Individual follow up support with Patrick McKeown
  • Likely referrals to work with elite professional athletes (where instructors have the opportunity to assist with elite athletes they will get paid).
  • All professional, Olympic and Collegiate athletes must be referred by the instructor to Oxygen Advantage®.


To continue training, instructors must maintain professional indemnity insurance and pay an annual fee for the use of Oxygen Advantage® materials. The fee is 3% of annual turnover using the Oxygen Advantage® programme.

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