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Can you stay the distance?


“many do not enjoy themselves due to breathlessness”

Avid recreational golfers, weekend hackers and serious players alike, probably take to the golf course once a week. This is also often the only exercise that they get. It should be a time of enjoyment and relaxation after a busy and stressful work or travel schedule. Unfortunately, many do not enjoy themselves due to breathlessness, fatigue and subsequent lack of focus. What should be fun, becomes an experience of frustration best forgotten!

Daily stress affects the way we breathe as humans. Stress and anxiety causes the rate of breathing to increase and usually via the mouth instead of the nose. Current research shows that breathing in healthy individuals is triggered by their sensitivity to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and not due to a lack of Oxygen (O2) as the blood is saturated with O2 as can be tested with a Pulse Oximeter.

The trigger to breathe is controlled by the Respiratory brain Centres (RC’s). Carbon Dioxide is vital to the transfer of O2 to the muscles and organs. Rapid mouth breathing results in a loss of too much CO2 preventing the transfer of O2 from the Hemaglobin in red blood cells to where it is required the most during exercise and focused attention, the muscles and the brain.

Slowing down and focusing on nasal and diaphragmatic breathing, helps reset the RC’s, improves respiratory function, develops stronger respiratory muscles delaying respiratory and subsequent locomotor muscle fatigue. Once breathing and fatigue are managed, focus is easier to maintain. Oxygenadvantage instructors worldwide can assist with this practice.



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