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Oxygen Advantage at CrossFit Hout Bay


Everyone knows CrossFit is about constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. It’s no wonder then that the Oxygen Advantage programme had such a pointed place at CrossFit Hout Bay. 

On the 8th Feb, 2017, Jenny O’Hanlon came to watch and observe a typical CrossFit class and environment. The 6pm class were doing box jumps, wall balls and sumo deadlift high pulls in rounds at high intensity, while in the back ladies were prepping for an upcoming competition performing Olympic weightlifting as heavy as form would allow.

Being a multi sport athlete, it was not foreign for Jenny to see such varied training all taking place under one roof. Even though this was Jenny’s first experience of a CrossFit class, she immediately identified elements of the Oxygen Advantage programme that the athletes could benefit from.

Following the class, Jenny held a talk with some of CrossFit Hout Bay’s athletes and coaches. Some had previously played rugby, while another was a practising biokineticist. Talking through both the science behind and the practical approach to the programme, athletes were soon intrigued as to how this could be applied to their training.

After some discussion, the athletes took to the floor practising some of the breathing exercises, and seeing how their oxygen saturation and heart rate were altered simply by walking around the room with increasing breath holds. Some became light headed, while others seemed almost unchanged varying from 10 up to 30 second holds.

Since the talk, some of the athletes have considered the programme in their training, exploring the benefits of nasal breathing, especially during recovery in their HIIT (high intensity interval training).

That very weekend, the competition athletes competed in a grueling 3 day CrossFit competition, Fittest in Cape Town sporting Oxygen Advantage peak caps – very welcome in the high temperatures. The team held their own in running, swimming, beach events, weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity exercises.

Oxygen Advantage South Africa looks forward to a follow up session at the CrossFit Hout Bay box, and following the athletes in their upcoming competition. Best of luck to all the athletes competing in the 2017 CrossFit Open.

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