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The Oxygen Advantage®
Breathing Programme

Relax into exercise, training and high performance competition

As applied by recreational and elite athletes as well as Olympians


  • Buffer lactic acid to delay the onset of fatigue
  • Strengthen respiratory muscles
  • Maximise oxygen uptake throughout the body to improve aerobic & anaerobic performance
  • Improve energy & concentration
  • Reduce pre-match anxiety & maintain focus
  • Help prevent exercise induced asthma
  • Significantly reduce breathlessness during exercise & training

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The Oxygen Advantage® Programme consists of high performance breathing exercises to simulate high altitude training at sea level. These exercises help to maximize oxygen carrying capacity and delivery for aerobic and anaerobic improvement.

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The Body Oxygen Level Test, or ‘BOLT’ indicates your relative breathlessness during physical exercise.

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Amazon Review
After seeing some online videos, what sold the Oxygen Advantage to me was threefold. Firstly, it makes so much sense! Breath really is the forgotten nutrient! Despite all my intentions to breathe well and keep myself calm, I realised that I was doing it all wrong! In the OA however, Patrick McKeown gives a full and easy to follow programme regarding how to make the breath efficient and so reduce stress levels! Already it is having a huge effect on me and I am sleeping better and waking more alert. Secondly, the breathing techniques in this book enable you to stay fit whilst injured! This is a lifeline for me as it means that I have something positive now to work on whilst laid up. Thirdly, the OA has given me a clue as to why I injured myself so severely. Even though whilst training (hard! Possibly too hard!), I was probably breathing quite well, during rest I was often very tense. McKeown very neatly and clearly explains exactly how this can lead to oxidative stress which can cause over training injury. This I think is a ground breaking book that explores health through a whole new lens. I most certainly won't be going back my old bad habits now!”
Amazon Review
Stumbled upon this book. I've had exercise induced asthma and allergies that I thought I'd have to manage for the rest of my life. Honestly this book has changed my life. Can't say I've been super diligent through the exercises, but through taping my mouth at night and breathing through my nose while running and cycling, it seems it has eliminated my asthma and my allergies have also vastly reduced. I have applied the principles of this program over 3 months and have seen benefits almost immediately. Feel lucky to have found this and happy to spread the word.
Amazon Review
I am a personal trainer and have used these methods to massively change my own breathing and also with my clients. If you put the effort in you will transform the way you feel and act and the sensation that exercise gives you. Be prepared though that to do this right you will go against all your natural instincts. In my experience you should get a coach as most people will not do what the author talks about in the book. If you do though you will be amazed by it!
Amazon Review
All athletes from elites to amateurs need to buy this book!!! It changed my way of thinking all together, I suddenly realised that the one thing we all neglect is the most important thing keeping us alive.”
Amazon Review
I fully enjoyed the Oxygen Advantage book and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to learn about what constitutes optimal breathing and how to integrate it into improving your athletic performance. There’s so much false information out there about breathing so it was refreshing to read something based on science and fully researched. It is vital reading for all – from high achieving athletes looking to make gains in their sport to the jogger looking to run better and for longer.It is easy to digest and the theory is very easy to understand. But most of all, it is practical so that I could start to implement it into my own exercise routine. And I have already noticed my breathing as I run has become easier to control and I can run longer already with less stress. Furthermore, I never knew that how you breathe is linked to every aspect of your overall health.If you are looking to improve how you perform when you exercise then it is a must.”